Concrete Sealing

Concrete is something that many people fail to realize requires a certain level of maintenance to extend its longevity. While some concrete can stand up to years of harsh conditions, as evidenced by still standing monuments from as far back as the Roman times, not all concrete will last without some basic preventative actions.

Sealing concrete is one of those actions. Sealers come in many different forms ranging from low-end products found at local hardware stores to highly advanced sealers, such as the ones Concrete Resurfacing of Connecticut uses.

The main reason to seal concrete surfaces is to shield them from the forces that cause both immediate and gradual decay.  Concrete by nature is very porous, similar to wood.  These pores aid the concrete in many ways such as letting moisture from below the surface escape, and air pockets (called air entrainment) can help concrete resist freeze and thaw cycles. However, over time water trapped in these air pockets can expand when freezing which cause cracks and deterioration of the concrete.

There are several different types of concrete sealers. We will help you decide which type of sealer is recommended for your needs. Factors that decide are whether the surface is interior or exterior, how the surface is used and whether another sealer or other product is already on the surface.

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