Concrete Deicers

One of the first questions we get asked is whether the CTi products will stand up to the harsh New England Winters.

The answer is Yes.

In fact dealers across the Northeast and similar colder climates across the North and into Alaska all report similar results.

The key is in the preparation, application and the condition of the concrete. Often times the failure observed is not in the overlay product but in the underlying concrete which may be subjected to forces beyond our control. For example, freezing under the surface can cause stresses that cause new cracks to form.

Another common cause of overlay issues stems from inferior products and inadequate surface preparation.  This is why we only use CTi products and follow approved procedures for preparation and application. With a dealer network over 700 strong across the country, you have the assurance that the products are well tested in the field and each and every CTi dealer has undergone training in the proper methods to apply the overlay so it will last for years.

You will find that once sealed, the CTi Hallmark or other products will resist the effects of salts, di-icers, oils and anything else the can stain the surface. The surface will also resist water penetration which helps to reduce deterioration and future cracking of the concrete.

The pictures below show a surface that was saturated with several different brands of de-icers. You are able to see the white, caulk like residue. In unfinished concrete, this will often lead to surface issues such as spalling (wide area pits) and d-cracking (freeze thaw damage around the concrete aggregate.)


Another liquid was dropped. It could be coffee or a cleaning agent.




After the surface was cleaned off with a garden hose and water. Neither the deicing agents or the liquid resulted in any damage to the concrete.


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